What is a Labor Assistant/Doula?
A labor assistant or doula is someone who provides emotional, physical, and informational support for a laboring woman and her family. A doula provides continuous care with full attention to the needs of clients for all of their labor and birth.

One of the main responsibilities of Creative Birth Doulas is to help create a safe, trusting and compassionate space for a woman to birth her baby. Our goal is to honor the mother's and/or family's choices and needs for their birth experience.

Some of the tools we utilize to create connection, foster relaxation, and  facilitate the labor process include:
                                                    Prenatal Information and Education
Pregnancy/Birth Art or Ritual
Touch and Massage Therapy

Acupressure and Reflexology


Position Support/Suggestions

Hypnobirthing support


Emotional Support and Encouragement

Advocacy for Birth Choices

Postpartum Care, Information, and Resources

         Creative Birth Doulas will tailor these tools to what                                     you need for your unique birth experience.

*Photography by Cydney Scott. Feel free to see and learn more at cydneyscott.com
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